Tea and Al Pacino

al pacino teaBefore the day starts, Al Pacino must have his tea. Without it there is no Michael Corleone, Serpico does not exist. Did you see Bobby Deerfield? He tried to switch from tea to coffee during that film. After that disaster it’s easy to see why he came back to tea.  It is a way to center ones self at the start of the day, to meditate on what lies ahead. I imagine a young Al Pacino would be drinking Black Tea like English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast. I just don’t see an Earl Grey with lemon as part of his makeup. Biscuits? You bet, even doughnuts. Finger sandwiches? I doubt it. His appetites seem to be larger than that. Speaking of larger than life, Stephen Fry has spoken about the time he missed his tea date with Mr. Pacino and how he “made a spectacular idiot” of himself. Al Pacino even spoofs his love of tea in a now famous bit with Christopher Nolan. Do you want to be an actor? Do you aspire to be the next Al Pacino? If so, it all begins with tea.

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